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    Different "look" when editing, Search Optimization



      Different "look" when editing, Search Optimization


           Hi there!

           I'm trying to edit my layout, and when I think it all looks good - I save and exit layout mode, and everything is sort of overlapping and not looking at all what it looks like in editing mode.

           Another question:

           I'm building a product list.  In browse mode I can display a ton of specs on each product.  In list mode, I can only squeeze in a few fields for people to type in key words for seaching.  Is there a way I can have FileMaker be able to recognize some search words that aren't displayed in list mode, but are in browse mode?

           One last question:

           Let's say I type in "product" - and all the items with the word product in there pop up.  Though if I type in "products" - nothing shows up - because the "s" changes the whole word.  Is there anyway I can change the search options and allow FileMaker to seach for anything close to that word?

           Thanks a million!


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                    everything is sort of overlapping and not looking at all what it looks like in editing mode.

               Check the auto resize anchor settings in the inspector for each of your layout objects. IF all are set for top and left anchors only, this change should not take place when you return to browse mode.


                    Another question

               Add a search button that pops up a new window in form view with the fields needed for specifying the criteria you need and a button to perform a find. Make the fields on the pop up window global fields and set your script up to use the data in the global fields to construct your find criteria. See this thread for examples of the type of  script you might create to work with those global fields: Scripted Find Examples


                    One last question

               It's possible, but how will you define "close to the word"?  Even just the spelling differences between singular and plural forms of a word differ wildly from word to word. An alternative might be to make a value list of keywords available to the user to select when specifying find criteria. That keyword list could then steer the user towards using product instead of products.