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Different "look" when editing, Search Optimization

Question asked by scott_cassidy on Jul 18, 2013
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Different "look" when editing, Search Optimization


     Hi there!

     I'm trying to edit my layout, and when I think it all looks good - I save and exit layout mode, and everything is sort of overlapping and not looking at all what it looks like in editing mode.

     Another question:

     I'm building a product list.  In browse mode I can display a ton of specs on each product.  In list mode, I can only squeeze in a few fields for people to type in key words for seaching.  Is there a way I can have FileMaker be able to recognize some search words that aren't displayed in list mode, but are in browse mode?

     One last question:

     Let's say I type in "product" - and all the items with the word product in there pop up.  Though if I type in "products" - nothing shows up - because the "s" changes the whole word.  Is there anyway I can change the search options and allow FileMaker to seach for anything close to that word?

     Thanks a million!