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Different Calc Results on 2 Workstations

Question asked by DLake on Apr 16, 2010
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Different Calc Results on 2 Workstations


I'll try to explain the basics of my symptoms in as few words as possible.


Workstation 'A' = FMP 8.0v1

Workstation 'B'= FMP 8.0v3

Server 8.0v2


My FMP solution calculates a shipping cost based on several references accounting for total weight (quantity), shipping zone & product type.  All of my key fields are unique values within their repspective tables.  For simplicity I'll use sample numbers.


Workstation 'A' creates a new order and enters inital order information allowing it to create a shipping amount.  Shipping shows (and prints to the printer) as $400.


I can watch the order on workstation 'B' as it's being created on 'A' and 'B' shows (and prints) shipping costs of $300.


If we exit FMP on 'A' and immediately reopen the order on 'A', the shipping costs then shows the $300 matching what was always shown on 'B'


If we change a quantity on the order on station 'A' and then change it back to the original quantiy the shipping changes to the $300 matching what was always shown on 'B'.


We can't get the order to show the $400 shipping again after it changes to the lower amount.


It always changes to a lower number (on the creating workstation) after the inital creation of the record, but the partner workstation always accurately reports the lower shipping cost.


I have rebuilt the file.  I have saves the rebuild as a compressed copy.  Exactly the same results.


We are able to duplicate these symtoms between both combination 'A' & 'B' and 'B' & 'A'.   It isn't just one of the two workstations producting the inconsistent result, and the alternate workstation always shows the lower (assumed accurate) result.