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Different Calculations for each Vendor (record)

Question asked by liontv on Apr 3, 2013
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Different Calculations for each Vendor (record)



     I am building my first database so bear with me here.  

     I am trying to build a cost estimater for a video editing project I am working on.  Currently I am working with two tables, Clips and Vendors.  I have been able to sucessfully get data on each clip in by exporting a edl file from my editing software and importing it into the clips table.  From the file names of the clips I can determin which vendor it came from and through a relationship I can track which clips came from each.  Also from the in and out times generated from the edl I can determin how long each clip is. So far this is working great and I can see how many total clips or seconds of clips are being used from any single vendor.   

     My problem comes when I try to apply a formula that will multiply out my cost.  Each vendor has a different set of variables to multiply by so I can't make one formula that fits them all.  Instead I need to have a seprate formula for each and store that in the vendors record so it can be used to multiply out the final cost.  

     I guess my question is if there is a way to store a record specific formula as opposed to programing one that would effect the whole table?

     I have tried to store the formula as text in a text field but when I create a calculation field to pull it into I can't recognize it as a calculation just as text.  

     Is this the correct way to go about it?  Any help would be appriciated.