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Different Filters for Different Portals?

Question asked by MDownes on Nov 28, 2009
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Different Filters for Different Portals?




I'm trying to make two different relationships between the same two tables; I have a parent table (Clients) and the child table (Billing).  In one portal (on a Client layout) I want to see their complete billing history, so I've just got that relationship as "bClient Serial" in Billing to "cClient Serial" in Clients.  In the other however, I'm wanting to just see their activity for one month at a time, so I'm trying to work with a filter for it.


I've created a calc field in Billing that takes the date of the bills, creates a month name out of that date and then calculates the month/year into a single word (i.e., "November2009").  I then created in Clients a drop down menu of month names and one of years, and then a calc field to combine the two so that it will match the format of the calc field in Billings.  I then based my new relationship off of a second incidence of the Billing table, with the two criteria being:


cClient Serial -- bClient Serial

cMonthCalc -- bMonthCalc 


So the idea is that when I select the month and the year, it will only show those bills that took place during that time period.


Here's the problem:

When I look at the results in the second portal (to just see this month's bills), it shows the most recent bill, shown multiple times, and when I make the MonthCalc field in Clients into a global field (like I guess I'm supposed to) the whole system stops working, and nothing shows up.


What the bleep?