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Different Job Types and Invoice Calculations

Question asked by JasonO'Berry on May 7, 2013
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Different Job Types and Invoice Calculations


     Hi Everyone, 

     I work for a fine art printing company and am trying to create a system that incorporates our affiliate sales and also our custom printing jobs in the same system. I am running into trouble trying to figure out the best way to handle invoicing calculations to accomodate for both of these different job types.

     With our affiliates we have a set number of sizes with their corresponding costs. So in my affiliates table I have the sizes with their prices in the same table , so I can use related value lists and calculated value fields to pull in that information and then sum them in a subtotal field

     But when we have a custom client come in, we evaluate the pricing based on the custom size of their prints. So i'll have a field for width and height and then the subtotal field should use those fields along with our price per sq. inch costs to come to a total. 

     My question is should the subtotal and grand total fields be conditional calculations or should I have 2 different subtotal and grand total fields (1 for either a affiliate sale or a custom sale) that evaluate based on the layout or something along those lines. 

     Any insight will be appreciated.Thank you in advance..