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    Different kind of invoice



      Different kind of invoice


      I want to do a different kind of invoice. I work in a small PR firm with a few clients. I want to track time over the month for each client and summaries it at the end with an invoice. So far I have a Projects table (which is effectively a products table) Time sheet (line Items) and an invoice sheet. However, I want it so that the invoice will group together tasks and bill for the total. for example if I spend: 5 mins on admin followed by 30mins on meetings then another 15 mins on admin, I want the invoice to total up admin so that it only reads 20mins admin and 30mins on meetings.

      I hope that makes sense





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          If you use list view to browse as well as print your line items with fields from the invoice table included in headers/footers/grand summary layout parts, you can add a sub summary layout part to form a "sub head" for each line items category and sort your line items records accordingly.

          If you are unfamiliar with using a list view layout for printing invoices, see the invoices starter solution that comes with your copy of FileMaker for an example.

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            many thanks will try that

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              is it possible that from the products layout I can have a portal to a copy of the products layout so that I can have a list in the form view? its an asthetic thing.

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                From the products layout have a portal to a copy of the products layout? What do you mean by that?

                Portals are based on Tutorial: What are Table Occurrences? that refer to tables so you really can't set up a portal to a layout though you can to an occurrence of the same table.

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                  That's what I meant :-) So I  copy a table in manage database? how do I link them? I tried to do it by linking product_id butI couldn't click in the boxes. I want to be able to add products in the portal

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                    You wouldn't copy a table, you might need to copy a table occurrence.

                    But before you do any such thing, exactly what do you want to show in this portal and what do you want to do with it?

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                      I may have just copied a table in tables, oops. do I just duplicate the table (press the double plus sign)?

                      I am trying to keep the layouts looking the same and they all have navigation buttons at the top within the body. when entering a new product I would like to go to the products layout in form view and have a table within that so I can add to it, and scroll down to view products.

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                        I don't quite see the purpose to what you describe. "add to it" and "scroll down" do not require a portal to do. If you base your layout on Products, any interaction that you do in the portal will be from the context of a specific product record.

                        Usually, this is done in a manner inverted from what you describe. A portal to products could be set up to list either all products or, controlled by a field with a drop down list, a particular category of products. Fields outside of the portal would display details about a single product for review and editng. Clicking a product listed in the portal, due to setting up the portal row as a button, brings up the clicked portal in the main part of the layout so that detail fields display data from the record you just selected by clicking it.

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                          I think I've got that, fingers crossed I'll give that a go

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                            Ok I have done that, in order to show all records in the portal i did the following relationship: product::product_id x product2::product_id as in XOR (i think). this worked but now when I click on a portal row it doesn't show the related record. what should I do?

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                              It takes a script to show the related record. The button click can use Go To Related Records to pull up the related record on the main part of the layout. It could also use a scripted find to pull it up. A third option is to add one more table occurrence and use set field to update a match field of the current record to the ProductID and then if your detail fields are from this additional table occurrence, the relationship matches to the record clicked inthe portal and you can see and edit the fields of this selected record.

                              There are also ways to add a filter capability to the portal so that you can enter some characters and the products listed in the portal filter down to just those that start with or contain those characters.

                              See Adventures in FileMaking #2 - Enhanced Value Selection for examples of such a search portal as well as a number of other advanced techniques for finding and selecting values.

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                                Thanks for your help. I have it working now. 

                                You guys are invaluable, I wouldn't be able to get this stuff done without your help.

                                Look out for more ridiculously weird help requests in the future :-)