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different output using export to tab, csv, xls

Question asked by WilliamDay on Oct 31, 2011
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different output using export to tab, csv, xls


I have a simple db where I have imported a series of order line items as a new table. I wanted to compare the imported descriptions against our internal (reference) database of items (descriptions, prices, etc). There is one link in the structure, itemID of the imported table to itemID of the internal db (imported::itemID = internal::itemID).

I exported a table of of imported::itemID, imported::Description, internal::Description. Here is where it gets interesting, in the layout I see the expected things itemID's (numerical) and matching descriptions (text). However, when I export to CSV or XLS/XLSX I get a table with the internal::Description column is numeric and apparently non-random (most values are 0, but some are positive and negative floating point numbers in the range [-401, 583820]). When I export to TAB separated values, it exports as expected: e.g. 1\tFoobar\tFoobar whereas in the CSV it was 1\tFoobar\t"0"

What is going on here? Is this a known issue? Is there a workaround other than exporting to TAB - it would be nice to export right to XLS to share with coworkers easily.