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    Different sized text box for larger text on a report



      Different sized text box for larger text on a report




      I'm trying to create a report that prints out a list of comments made by survey takers. I have a text field which stores the comments, which vary from one word to several sentences in length. I created a report that displays all of the comments one after the other. However, when I try to print this report out on paper, some of the comments are cut off, and others leave whitespace after them because the comment box is a set width for every comment. Both of these problems could be solved if filemaker would resize the text box for each comment, but I can't find a way to do that. Is there any way to force filemaker to resize a text box in a report to fit the comment size?


      I'm using filemaker pro 10 on windows xp.



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          Your users are inputing their reports how? w/ filemaker or IWP or CWP or email?

          On the report, if you specify the comment field, it will include white space or cut the text.

          What are your tables and how is the printout layout formatted?

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            The quick fix:


            Select the field in layout mode and choose Set Sliding/Printing in the Format menu.

            Set your field to slide up, also shrink size of enclosing part.

            Give these same settings to every layout object in the same layout part that is even with or below this field.

            Resize your field so that it is large enough to display the largest possible list of comments as it will shrink but won't "grow".

            The sliding will not be visible in Browse Mode, but will be visible in preview, when you print, when you save as PDF.


            A better fix option:


            Take your comments and store them in a related table where each comment occupies one record. You can enter these comments on a layout that uses a portal.

            Create a summary report based on your new comments table and add the other fields to a sub summary part. The resulting report will work with any number of comments as long as each individual comment record has a field large enough to display that one entire comment.


            Here's a link to a simple tutorial on setting up summary reports that you may find useful:

            Creating Filemaker Pro summary reports--Tutorial