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Different user display items vs database table items causing issues

Question asked by ShaneB on Jul 19, 2013
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Different user display items vs database table items causing issues


     I have designed my database structure to have Observations have a dynamic number of tags, in this case the tag categories are ObservationAttributes and ObservationContent. Each observation has an __observation_id_pk that is the foreign key on the ObservationAttribute and ObservationContent tables. As multiple observations can have multiple tags, the tables consist entirely of foreign keys that will just list the observation_id and the content_slug when appropriate. The content_slug is designed to be easier for the system to manage, with no uppercase letters or spaces. For instance "Manager Behavior" would be manager-behavior. The display terms are the attribute_display and content_display terms, which are matched in columns to the __attribute_slug_pk and __content_slug_pk terms on the AttributeTags and ContentTags tables.

     I have figured out how to have the drop-down list use the display terms from attribute_display and content_display, but after the drop-down term is selected the field then shows the system term from the attribute_slug and content_slug. I would like my users to see the display term in the field EVEN THOUGH the system is storing the matched observation_id_fk and attribute_slug_fk on the appropriate tables.

     I have attached an image of the database structure. Any help is appreciated.