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Differentiating between Inventory and PO numbers using script

Question asked by EricStover on Jun 21, 2012
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Differentiating between Inventory and PO numbers using script


I am trying to comprehend how to write a script that will determine if a scanned barcode is a inventory number or PO number. Our Inventory numbers are 5 digits (12345) and the PO numbers are 6 digits that start with the fiscal year (125678). I started with 2 IF statements:

If[Length(Scan:Scanned Barcode) = 6]

Perform Script["Scanned PO Number"]

Else If[Length(Scan:Scanned Barcode) = 5]

Perform Script["Scanned Inventory Number"]

End If


The problem I am having is that this script seems to be exiting at the "Else If[Length(Scan:Scanned Barcode) = 5]"  even when a six digit number is scanned. I am not sure if that is a script problem or a script trigger problem.

I am using the onObjectModify to fire the script when a barcode is scanned. The above script is working when I use onObjectKeystroke, but I was having to manually tap the Tab or Return key (it was so much work ;)). I am on Filemaker 10 on a Mac.