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Differentiating User Selected Tabs Vs Script Selected Tabs

Question asked by JLG on Aug 1, 2009
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Differentiating User Selected Tabs Vs Script Selected Tabs


I have a program displaying facility equipment status (Out of Service, Run, Standby,etc) and it uses a layout with four tabs to display all the information.  The tabs are selected via a script with a short time delay and a loop so the information can all be seen by a user with no input (big screen display).  But sometimes the user needs to look a particular tab longer to get more details.  I have tried using a script trigger on the tab to activate a longer time delay script when the user clicks on a tab.  Only problem is the script running the loop also activates the script trigger (which starts the longer delay) when it moves to the next tab.  So my question is how to differentiate between when a script selects a tab (via go to object) verses when a user clicks on the tab?  Currently I am using buttons for pausing and resuming the loop script.  But was hoping for a better way.