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Difficult database design, any ideas?

Question asked by PaulDabkowski on Sep 27, 2010
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Difficult database design, any ideas?


Hi there,

I have recently gained a new client. The client is a Nautilus Gym in the local area. They wish to move from their current paper file system to a digital system encompassing FileMaker on both Mac and Windows computers and iPads for roaming around the gym accessing/updating their members data.

I am stumped on this one tho. Member details and payment stuff is simple, all done on that front. But recording the exercise data is going to be difficult. These databases have to be quick, but they are going to be HUGE. For every exercise (of which there are 32 in total, not all used by every member, that would be Chuck Norris gym work!) I need to be able to log weight settings, seat positions, reps and other information. The average member does ten exercises. I also need to keep a history of these values so that the Gym can track the progress of its members and tailor programs to work for them.  

I am without ideas on how to work all of this out! I could set up a table for every exercise and used ID's from the MemberDetails to link it and then display it all later on another layout. But that is going to get very messy very quickly and with that many relationships and lookups happening at once I fear that it will slow down substantially. As a rough guide, the gym has approx. 200 active members.

Anyone with any ideas? Any help is greatly appreciated!!!!!!!!

Paul Dabkowski