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Difficulty "Getting It"

Question asked by carlz_1 on Feb 28, 2009
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Difficulty "Getting It"


I'm having a hard time "getting it"

Using FM 10.


I have an applicant table joined to an application table, joined to an assets table, joined to several tables, investments, bank accounts and life insurance. (applicant table to application table ... kp_applicant - kfapplicant; Application to Assets ... kp_application - kf_application; Assets to Bank Accounts ... kp_assets - kf_assets


I start out by adding a new record of the basic information about the applicant.


I will always want to work on one record only within the applicant and application tables.  I start out with a listing of the applicants in List View and choose one of them.  Go to the next layout which is a menu that allows me to choos application data or assets data.  When I then choose either of those, I am no longer working with any particular applicant.  It simply goes to a new record and it is not connected with my applicant.


I am having difficulty "getting it" 


Thanks for your insight and patience and assistance.