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Difficulty combining orders

Question asked by ShanonD on Aug 25, 2013


Difficulty combining orders


     Hi All,

     I am designing my own custom inventory management system for my online store.

     I have a section where I import an order csv into a table, and an example would be the following:


     Order ID:           Supplier:                 SKU:           Product Name:                 Qty Ordered:

     #1                          A                            SHAM1         Shampoo                             1

     #2                          B                            HKIT             Health Kit                              1

     #3                          B                             TOY1           Toy                                          1

     #4                          C                            FOOD1         Food                                     1

     #5                          C                            FOOD1         Food                                  2


     From this sort of data, I want to generate a purchase order showing each supplier on an individual record and the associated Product Names and QTY Totals.

     I am finding it difficult to combine Both the duplicates for the same supplier and same SKU, without having a separate table with "Unique field" validation and a script button to import the file back in on itself to get the RAW data from the above table into the New table so that only one SKU copy is present.

     I hope that makes sense?

     I have attached a screenshot to show the relationship set up.

     The second daily grouping (a second instance of the first) is what I am using to sort the orders by supplier.


     It works, but I am wondering if there is a way that I can skip the step where I use a script to import the SKU and Supplier data from the Daily Orders table.

     Thankyou for any help.