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    Difficulty Creating Drop-down in Field



      Difficulty Creating Drop-down in Field


      I am creating a database for my lab for all of our mice that we have. In my table layout, I have a header called 'Sex' and I am trying to simply create a drop-down menu that let's the user select either 'Male' or 'Female' as opposed to typing the words out manually. Is this possible? Any help is appreciated! Thank you!

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          I'd probably use radio buttons but it's all the same basic process.

          Select Manage | Value Lists and click New to start a new Value List.

          Use the Custom Values option to type in your two values:


          Click Ok until you have the dialog boxes closed.

          On your layout, select a text field while in layout mode and use the Inspector's data tab to change the field format from Edit Box to drop down list. When you do so, a drop down for selecting which value list will appear and you can select your new custom values value list.

          The steps are the same for radio buttons, check boxes or a pop up menu as well as a drop down list, the only difference is the format option you select instead of Edit Box for your field.