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Difficulty exporting a text file - Novice user

Question asked by carlosdetweiller on Jan 28, 2010
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Difficulty exporting a text file - Novice user


Using FileMaker Pro 10. Running Windows Vista.


I've created a layout using merged fields for a book collection. Each record is displayed in the layout as a single paragraph of text using several merged fields. With the help of this forum (PhilModJunk and mr_vodka) I've been able to print a found set and get it to look exactly the way I want it to in "preview mode."


Now I would like to export the found set to a word processing program to do some simple things like adding a salutation, date, etc. before sending a list of books to my insurance company.


I don't really understand tab and comma separated text files. I've had no real luck using either when exporting to MS Word. On one there are unwanted quotation marks separating each field and it seemed like the spacing wasn't right on the other.


I just want to send what I see in "preview mode" over to MS Word for some simple word processing. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.