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    Difficulty organizing scripts



      Difficulty organizing scripts


      I am having difficulty managing my scripts. The up/down arrows for changing the order of scripts don't seem to work (I can drag the script anywhere I want it, but as soon as I unclick, it pops back to it's original location,) and although it looks like the process should be fairly intuitive, I can't move scripts into or out of folders without displacing other scripts. What am I missing?

      I am using FMPro Advanced 10.0v3.

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          Mac or windows?

          When I use FMPro Adv. 10.0v3 on my Windows XP system, I can drag scripts in and out of folders with no problem. If I hold down the control key, I can use the arrow key to move the scripts around.

          If you create a small test file, create a one line script, duplicate it a few times, do you have the same trouble with it that you do with the first file?

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            I'm using a Mac. I created a test file and a batch of duplicated scripts as suggested, and had no difficulty moving them and arranging them into and out of a folder. So it seems like the problem is with my original file... (It IS 10+ years old, updated progressively from FMPro 3, I think.) Is there a way around this?

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              See what happens if you do a recover on the file.

              Things to keep in mind about Recover:

              1. Recover does not detect all problems
              2. Recover doesn't always fix all problems correctly
              3. Best Practice is to never put a recovered copy back into regular use or development. Instead, replace the damaged file with an undamaged back up copy if this is at all possible. You may have to save a clone of the back up copy and import all data from your recovered copy to get a working copy with the most up to date information possible.
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                I'll consider this, but will have to weigh the pros and cons of doing a recover on a file that is functioning just fine for the end users, to optimize the back end cleanup work I'm trying to do. This particular file is a critical piece of a fairly complex student info system database, and I don't want to risk breaking something I might not be able to fix, at least not before the end of the school year... 

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                  Recover generates a copy of the file, leaving the original unchanged.

                  Thus, there is no harm or cost in perfoming the recover as a test. At least that way you'll know if this is the issue here or if it might be something else. Even if the recover reports no problems, I'd open the recovered copy and see if anything has changed in Manage | Scripts.

                  Keep in mind that your file may not keep "functioning just fine". If there is any hidden file damage in your file, it could fail and fail in quite messy fashion at any time. Best to run a recover to see what you've got here.