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Difficulty populating field from related table

Question asked by BarbaraSevde on Nov 24, 2011
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Difficulty populating field from related table


I am building a solution for a farrier business and am having problems getting one field to populate properly.  I am a newbie and  I’m obviously missing something critical.

The field I want to populate is date_last_service - not stored because it will change based on the date of the most recent invoice. 

The tables are:





Products (also includes services)


The relationships are

  Owners <-> Invoices <->Lines<->Products-> Horses 2

  Owners -> Horses<->Invoices 2  


The Horses relationship to Owners successfully populates a portal showing each owner’s horses.

Horses 2 relationship with Invoices successfully allows an invoice to show the horse on which each service is performed, and also allows me to show an invoice list based on Lines_Products_Invoices  and sortable by horses and owners, etc


I added Invoices 2 in order to link date_last_serice to date_invoice (unsuccessful so far)

Without Invoices 2, I have been able show an invoice list showing date,horses, products & services, and totals, so I’m not sure that Invoices 2 is necessary. 


The field date_last_service appears in the 3 layouts: 

1)horse form layout based on Horses

2)in a portal based on Horses in the Owner layout, (It shows all the horses belonging to a particular owner.)

3)in a Horse List layout based on Horses


Any suggestions would be appreciated. I don’t know if I need Invoices 2 in the layout.  

I would appreciate any suggestions. Aside from this - my solution works just great.  


In the table occurrence Horses, I added a field “Date_Last_Service_Experiment - the field appears at the bottom of the Horse Form Layout to check the result of my experimentation, so I wouldn’t mess up what I had so far. Here's a link to the file with dummy data which you can access at