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Difficulty to find how to calculate a field and make new record

Question asked by ric on Aug 12, 2010
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Difficulty to find how to calculate a field and make new record


Hi got  1field  that content product each product got a 1 serialfield 

and 1 displayfield who detect if the serial number is equal on a display product.

ex. field 1 product name= box

field 2 the serial number field detect his alocated number  = 00255

field 3 display field=" display 2"

for field 3 calculation is Case(Field2="00255";"Display 12")

still there no problem

but if field3 content display 12 he had to divide this in to 2 different products

i have to make 2 new record from field 1( display or box) and delete the first record that content box

field 1="box" there are 2 article inside 1 article of 6product and 6 other product i now that if he show display 12

that he content 2 different product and i wont to seperate them in two other record and delete the first record

so make record for 6 product and second record for 6 product that are inside the box

My problem is it possible to realise this in filemaker like this

Case(Field2="00255";"Display 12";make new record that content  1 product make second record of other product);and delete this record

sorry but i am french and english have the most response

best regard ricorp