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Difficulty with an "omit find request" script

Question asked by trialuser1111 on Jan 15, 2010
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Difficulty with an "omit find request" script


I am having difficulty troubleshooting a behavior quirk in my database, and I think I've narrowed down the culprit to a fairly simple script for omitting find requests.


To allow users to perform more complex searches, I have created a dedicated "Find Contact" layout allows users to build multi-step searches in a more visually logical list format.  Next to each row, users have a small array of buttons to add/delete new search steps and designate each step as an "omit" or not.  This is the script assigned to the "Omit" button:


Omit Record

If [Get (RequestOmitState) = 1]

   Set Field [Contacts::Include?; "No"]

   Exit Script []

End If

Set Field [Contacts::Include?; "Yes"]


The reason for the extra steps is that the field Contacts::Include maps to a conditionally-formatted background (green for include, grey for omit).  Pressing the button does trigger the conditional formatting so I know it's working, and when I show the status bar, I can see the toggle switch back and forth from Include to Omit.  However, when I execute the search, the step is essentially ignored in the results.  I have tried manually switching from Include/Omit in the status bar and creating another button that just toggles Include/Omit without the added steps.  These have both yielded accurate search results.


Why would these extra steps impact my search results, and how can I fix it?