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Difficulty with Get(AccountName) Function

Question asked by Putmaniac on Aug 8, 2009
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Difficulty with Get(AccountName) Function


I'm having difficulty with the Get(AccountName) function behaving the way that I think that it should...  I have created a test file and have set up a number of accounts with various Privileges.  In one layout, I have created a calculated (text) field called "AccountName", with the calculation "Global, =Get(AccountName)".  When I test it out, and log in as various accountnames (and Passwords), the AccountName field always indicates "Admin"?  


Should this field reflect the AccountName that has just logged in?


This is a real head scratcher that I cannot seem to figure out...


Is this the correct use of the Get(AccountName) function, or should I be using a different Get function to achieve the results I am looking for?