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Difficulty with Portal Filtering

Question asked by DylanMajka on Jul 7, 2015
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Difficulty with Portal Filtering


I'm currently working in a database that is used for taking orders.  The orders database is where all of the information about the particular orders are stored, but the information about the customers are stored in a separate database.  I would like to set up a system in the orders database where you can search for a customer through keywords when they place an order so that you can find their unique ID without having to open the customer database.

My first attempt was to create a drop down menu whose values were populated with a list I created from the field values from the customer name field in the customer database.  From here, it would populate the customer ID field based on which customer name I selected.  This worked, although if you didn't start from the first word in the customer name it wouldn't pop up in the list.  I wanted something that functioned more similarly to the find feature where you could use minimal keywords.

I then attempted to do create a portal that you could filter based on the customer's name.  I used a global field as a relationship between both databases so that all of the customer's names would populate the portal, and then you could proceed to filter them by name.  This worked by using PatternCount() > 0 in for the portal filter, but because there are 25,000 customer names the database had to sort every time which took a while to find the name I was looking for.  I then tried to filter by a relationship between the two solutions using the search criteria and customer name, which worked but again you would have to be precise in the search.  Anybody have a way to make the portal filter faster, or an entirely different solution that I may not have thought of yet?

Thank you!