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Digital Asset Management - Audio Archive

Question asked by BrianK.Ross on Nov 22, 2011
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Digital Asset Management - Audio Archive



I'm doing some independant research for my audio shop, and I need some help in finding what we need.

In short, our shop handles live, broadcast, and studio recordings (albums), all in-house productions. We have loads of media on CD, DVD, digital and analogue tape and we need a way to manage and search our media once we create digital files from our physical assets (I've got that part covered). All of our assets are on physical media, with no database, we just know where everything is... or do we!? We also need to attach concert programs in various formats, pdf, jpg, tif, doc, etc.

Ultimately, we would like to setup kiosks within our institution on our network that have the ability to search our assets, create a list of audio files (songs) in order and send my office a request to burn said items to disk / create mp3's etc. or perhaps burn this at the kiosk? Either method would make media requests more simple and streamlined.

I've purposely simplified the above as to not write a novel, but I do hope this conveys the overall needs of our shop. I'm more than happy to go in to any detail needed.

Can File Maker Pro or Bento handle this or am I barking up the wrong tree?

Thanks so much for your time.