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Dilemma with Related Data

Question asked by joeworkman on Apr 29, 2009
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Dilemma with Related Data & Layouts


I am setting up a filemaker database for my real estate company. The purpose of the database is to manage all of our contacts, deals and eventually marketing. I am currently defining all of my tables and their relationships. I feel that I have designed my tables properly. However, now that I am designing my layouts, I am not so sure. 


For starters, lets talk about the contact management. I have several types of contacts: buyers, sellers, professionals (realtors, etc) & employees. I created a "People" table that would contain all of the general attributes of a person (name, address, phone, etc). I then created separate tables that contained further information about the contact (buyer, seller, etc) on top of the attributes in the "People" table. Therefore a realtor would have basic information in the "People" table as well as additional info in the "Professionals" table. 


So now I am trying to make a layout for managing "Professionals". But, I can only relate a layout to a single table. I know that I could use a get related data table on my layout. However, those don't look as nice as the fields being native to that form. I am going to want to use related data on almost all my layouts. Can I use related data without using the unattractive tables?


Should I keep the tables how I have them or would it be better to have each contact type have its own dedicated table.  


Please let me know if I can provide any further data. I really appreciate all the help that I can get.