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    Dim duplicated field of portal row



      Dim duplicated field of portal row


           On the portal row, can I dim or conditional format one field of protal row which is same as previous row?


           For example, item name is the first field of portal row.  Item on each row is

           Row 1: ABC 

           Row 2: ADE

           Row 3: ADE

           Row 4: ADE

           Row 5: XYZ

           I want to display all five rows while row 3 and row 4 item name (ADE) will be dimed or conditional fomatted,

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               I am in FMP V11.  Can you have version 11 sample?

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                 Sorry I don't have V11.  My 11 trail expired.  You may can download FMP12 trail. 

                 I will try to explain how to do it.

                 For this Example.  I have 1 table and I will call it  table1

                 Field1 is a text field which contain the data  "ABC" , "ADE", "XYZ"

                 Field2 is a calculation field with the following calculation


                 I Sorted the table on Field1

                 I have relationship with field1 x to field1   --- For portal -- I used the x  so all record in the first table match all records in second table the table occurance is table1 2

                 The conditional formating for the fields you want to gray out is

                 Table1 2::Field1 = Table 2::Field2

                 Set font color to light Gray

                 The portal is also sorted on Field1.

                 For this to work the field has to be sorted in order.  The Calculation gets the data from the previouse record then the conditional formating compares the two fields.  If they match then the font is set to light Gray.

                 Also the calculation field should be of the same type as field1 which in this example Text


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                   Thanks.  I download FM12 trial version and use your formula.


                   I simplfied it by following method.

                   1. Of course, portal need to be sorted by field1 which is the field I want to dim if it is repeated.

                   2. I do not create Field2.  I use the formula below on the field1 conditional format.

                   if ( field1=GetNthRecord(Field1;Get(RecordNumber)-1);true;false)

              It works perfectly.