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Diminishing Value List

Question asked by miw on Oct 5, 2011
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Diminishing Value List


 I have two tables, "TableA" and "TableB".  The TableA is linked to TableB as   TableA::TableAID----TableB::TableAIDlink.  In the layout window for Table B, I want to use a pull-down field that will select from eligible TableA IDs.  The nuance is that only unused TableAIDs should be selected in the pull-down list (in other words, once a TableB record is linked to an available TableAID, that TableAID is no longer eligible for use by another TableB record).  I have tried making a copy of TableA in the relationships table by calling it UnaffiliatedTableA and using the not equal sign to TableB::TableAIDLink but it does not work.  What is the best relationship set up and ValueList set up to accomplish this?


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