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Dimmed Customise Status Toolbar command

Question asked by mardikennedy on Oct 4, 2010


Dimmed Customise Status Toolbar command


FMPA 11.02; FMSA 10.02; Windows network.

What have I overlooked?  One particular solution was written some versions back.  Since then, Custom Menus have been added, which work fine.  The solution has several Priv Sets, one of which is low level, User.  In days gone by, this used to have 'Editing Only' commands available but with the advent of Custom Menus, this has been switched back to All.

 The Customise Status Toolbar command was added to the Custom Menus some time back.  For another Priv Set, it is accessible but for the User Priv Set, it remains persistently dim.  Why?  I can't see what's different here...

Suggestions welcome, Cheers, Mardi