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Direct Input of a Global Variable

Question asked by James_L on Jun 3, 2013
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Direct Input of a Global Variable


     I'm running a script from a layout, and the script requires a global variable $$Instrument_Type that must be set by the user.  It's being set from a variable list "Instruments."  

     What I want is a dropdown list (on the layout that spawns the script) so I can choose the instrument type and set that variable, but of course you can't use a dropdown that isn't bound to a specific field and record.   I don't want to change any records, so that's not a good option. 

     In MS Access (ugh), we had a useful feature called an unbounded field that would let me do just that: enter the data I wanted in a control without affecting any records.  I could then pass that into a variable or retain it for a calculation or find or whatever.  

     What's my best bet in Filemaker for using a dropdown list to set a global variable?