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Directory listing

Question asked by panchristo on Oct 28, 2009


Directory listing


Hi there!


Is there anyway to produce a table (via scripting), which contains the files found in a specific directory?


The problem in detail is that I have a directory full of images imported to another Database (Sybase) to which I have no access regarding design.

I can only export (in Excel form) a list of the records currently in that database, with a column which contains the filename of each related image file.


THE PROBLEM IN DETAIL: In order to keep track of changes and redundant files, I need to produce a table (e.g. "dir pics") with the contents of the directory and in turn compare those with the ones found in each record (found in a second table e.g. "imported pics"). My only problem is how to create and populate automatically a table with the contents of a directory.

The only way until now I can come around it, is through a vba scripted excel file which i call through filemaker by a SEND EVENT command.


Does anyone know a way to script this in Filemaker only (similar in concept to the VBA in Excel)?


Any ideas?