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Disable Auto Enter Momentarily?

Question asked by themactech. on Dec 9, 2014
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Disable Auto Enter Momentarily?


Hi everyone

I have a table that has a field (not a key field) that auto generate a "control" number. I also have a script that runs and creates new records in the table but some of the records need to have the same "control" number. It works through a serials of variables and set fields, new record requests, etc. But I noticed that the control number skips ahead by 3 when the script is done. (100, 103, 106, 109, etc). I know it's doing this because in the middle of the script it's creating new records which auto generates a new number but through my set fields it replaces some of those numbers. So it's not really malfunctioning, it's just doing what I've told it to do. Is there a way to perhaps momentarily disable the auto-generate mid script? Or am I looking at a different way of generating these control numbers?