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Disable Autosave. Is there elegant solution to save then?

Question asked by adamdavid on Dec 2, 2013
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Disable Autosave. Is there elegant solution to save then?


Hello, I wanted to disable autosaving the input form so user have to press SAVE button in order to save changes on new record.
I followed this instruction Layout Disable auto-save I just used button with no action on it instead of putting web browser under form. That seems quite insane as it has to load engine each time form is opened. On save button there is action "Commit Records/Requests" and after that “Go to layout …" It works quite well except few details.
     - User is now not able to unfocus from input field which is annoying. 
     - If there is some validation error, pop up will tell me. I push ok to put correct value in the wrongly filled field and then app asks me if I want to continue with running script. I don’t want the app to ask about continuing.

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Is there a better way how to achieve “not automatic saving” in filemaker pro or should I give up trying?