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    Disable Maximize on-load



      Disable Maximize on-load



      I am looking to see if there is a way to disable the ability to full screen on-loading the first layout. I simply dont want the ability to go full screen at any point in my project. Minimize is okay. I know that new window gives you the option to do this but that means the first menu screen can be maximized. Is there a way to do this as a part of loading the first layout? I have an opening splash screen. I tried to have that open a new window then close itself but that didn't work but maybe I did it wrong as it just closes everything. At the moment the splash screen just pauses for a few seconds and goes to a new layout, not a new window.


      Appreciate any help. Thanks

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          After opening a new window with the properties you want, your "onFirstWindowOpen" performed script should then be able to close the original window, leaving open the window that you want the user to interact with.

          Unless you renamed the original window, this script would close that first window:

          Close Window [Get ( FileName ) ]