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    Disable or grey out pop-up menu until checkbox set is marked.



      Disable or grey out pop-up menu until checkbox set is marked.


           Is it possible????

           Sorry if this question has been asked in this forum but I didn't find a similar post. I am trying to make it work on FileMaker GO

           Thanks in advance.


           FM version: File Maker Pro Advanced 12

           OS:  OSX 10.7

           Experience: beginner


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          Please Help Us to Help You...

          Title:   Please Help Us to Help You...
                         Post:   We used to have a thread permanently pinned to the top of the forum list for this, but repeated efforts to use the search tool to find it have been unsuccessful. By posting this to the forum, I can link other posts to it as a hopefully, polite way to ask posters to supply a bit more vital information when their post is bit vague...

                              When requesting help in the FM Pro Forum, please include the following information:

          1.                          The version of filemaker you are using--that way we won't suggest something that only works with a version you don't have.
          3.                          The operating system of your computer--once in a while it makes a difference when suggesting the best solution
          5.                          Whether you are using Instant Web Publishing (IWP), Custom Web Publishing (CWP), FileMaker in single user mode, FileMaker clients connecting to a file hosted by FileMaker Pro or FileMaker Server...
          7.                          How experienced in Filemaker development you are--If we know you're new to the subject, we can spell things out in greater detail.
          9.                          If you're having trouble getting something to work, list the steps you've tried and how they failed to work.--often how something failed to work will be a major clue in diagnosing the problem.
          11.                          If you are using a starter solution please tells which one and if you've changed the basic design in any way.
          13.                          If a script is involved, post the script. You can either print a sript to a PDF file and use Acrobat Reader's text tool to select and copy the text or you can copy a script from a database design report if you are using FileMaker Advanced.
          15.                          If a calculation is involved, please post the calculation.


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                 There is not a built in method to disable a popup menu.  I found a work around that might work for you.  The problem is it takes two other fields to setup and isn't to easy to do.  I haven't really tested to see what might be the problems to using this method to disable a popup but it does work.  There might not be any problems but I will leave it up to you to test more in your app if you decide to use it.  It's drawn out and a little difficult to explain so I just made a sample file you can download.


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                   I haven't downloaded S Chamblee's demo so this post may contain duplicate info, but if you use an invisible tab control and script triggers, you can have two copies of your field--one that allows the user to enter the field and one that does not. Script triggers on the check box field as well as the OnRecordLoad trigger can perform a script that uses go to object to select the appropriate tab panel to enable or disable the field's value list formatting. Both tab panels have to be given object names in the name box found at the top of the Inspector's Position tab.