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    Disable Return Key?



      Disable Return Key?


      I have a layout specifically for Find Mode. I made a button to perform the find based on certain criteria. I would like to disable the "return key", so that users only perform the find when using the button instead of accidentally hitting the return key and performing the find. Is this possible?



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          I guess I would just do this by setting the return key on the field to go to the next field?


          Guess I should spend a little more time looking before posting. :smileysurprised:

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            Can you give us a bit more background, like why it is important that the user clicks on the button?  But your follow-up is a simple answer, yes.




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              Sure thing. I have a layout that enters find mode when you go to it. There are several different criteria the user can enter. Then the find button runs a script that goes to another layout among other things. So, if the user hits "enter", it just runs the find in the current layout, which doesn't make sense for this circumstance. So, I changed the field behaviour so that it moves to the next field when you hit tab or enter or return. I think this will work.


              Am I making any sense? =)

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                Here's an idea for you.  If the button you want them to click runs Script B, and if Script A is the script that brings them to the Find layout and enters find mode, then make the last two script steps of Script A be:


                Enter Find Mode (Pause) 

                Perform Script (Script B)


                Then, when the user hits the return key, all he or she is doing is continuing Script A, which will will kick them to Script B.


                Hope that helps.