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Disable Right Click Chart by Field

Question asked by sraDBAdmin on Jan 31, 2014
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Disable Right Click Chart by Field


     Hi there,

     I am fine tuning the security on our database and cannot find a way to disable the Chart by Field menu item that appears when a field is right-clicked.

     The user privilege set has the Available menu commands set to ALL.  This is to preserve the icon bar with options for Go To Record | Show All | New Record | Delete record.  I have a custom menu to restrict users to the following:

     New Record

     Delete Record

     Go to Record

     Refresh Window

     Show all records

     Show Omitted Only

     Omit Record

     Omit multiple

     Modify last find

     Perform Find

     Perform Quick Find


     I cannot find a way to remove the "Chart by field" option, though.  I think this option could confuse users, as well as give an unmanaged route to bring information out of the database.

     Any ideas on how to disable this option without losing the access that I do want users to have?