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    Disable Right Click Chart by Field



      Disable Right Click Chart by Field


           Hi there,

           I am fine tuning the security on our database and cannot find a way to disable the Chart by Field menu item that appears when a field is right-clicked.

           The user privilege set has the Available menu commands set to ALL.  This is to preserve the icon bar with options for Go To Record | Show All | New Record | Delete record.  I have a custom menu to restrict users to the following:

           New Record

           Delete Record

           Go to Record

           Refresh Window

           Show all records

           Show Omitted Only

           Omit Record

           Omit multiple

           Modify last find

           Perform Find

           Perform Quick Find


           I cannot find a way to remove the "Chart by field" option, though.  I think this option could confuse users, as well as give an unmanaged route to bring information out of the database.

           Any ideas on how to disable this option without losing the access that I do want users to have?

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               If you have FileMaker Advanced, you can see if a custom menu set could be set up that omits that menu option. ( I haven't tried that, just posting what I would try first in your situation.)

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                 Thanks for the quick reply Phil,

                 I am running FMPA 12, and the users are on FileMaker Pro 12.  I did try the custom menu, but I don't see any other item to remove that would relate to the charts.  I was hoping that the chart by field item wouldn't show up in the FMP version, but it did.

                 It was a good suggestion--if only there were the custom menu option that would disable it.


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                   Have you checked to see if this is actually a potential security issue? Can a user with limited access actually see results based on data  he cannot otherwise see?

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                     Hi Phil,

                     A very fair question--I did remove user privileges to print, export and create new layouts, so that did block some of the options that the chart window had offered users.  

                     Then I noticed something else--the charting window that opens does not appear to be an isolated, singular "static" chart of a single field.  It is a fully functional charting window that allows the user to change the data source fields or to use calculations based on any field in the database.  I do not have any fields specifically locked down from access at this point, but I had no idea that this chart would open up this level of control to a user.  

                     I am not fully sure how vulnerable this would leave someone, but I imagine if users have printing rights they could (if a bit smart) create a chart of any data they want and direct it out of the database via print, including fields that are not on layouts but handle calculations in the background.  It is certainly giving the perception of "insecurity" that will concern the decision-makers here.

                     The only way I found to remove the right click quick chart is to restrict permissions on the menu items to editing only--but then I lose the standard icons that provide access to the only functions that I do want users to have:  Go To Record, Show All, Find, New Record, and Delete Record.  Even if I have these options added to a custom menu, they do not seem to enable the default icons if the menu permissions are set to "editing only".

                     I'd appreciate any ideas.  Thanks!


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                       It doesn't look like a major security issue to me, but if you disagree, it's definitely worth a report in Report an Issue to raise it with the TS techs that monitor that section of the forum.

                       What you could do is hide the status tool bar and add your own buttons that perform scripts to do the things that this now disabled icons do. That not only works around this issue, but also makes a larger portion of your screen available for use in your layout as you can usually set up a fairly narrow "button bar" for those options.

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                         Thanks--I think I'll do just that.  I may raise it as an issue only because it opens a capability that one might not expect to be there.