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    Disabling Keystrokes



      Disabling Keystrokes


      I am considering different methods for serving some data in a kiosk type environtment. One of my options is with Filemaker Pro and writing am EXE runtime from within Filemaker Pro Dev. edition. This all hinges on whether I can create the runtime to ignore some keystrokes.


      I need the system to ignore the following keystrokes from the keyboard while running in the foreground.


      1.) Windows key

      2.) CTRL+ALT+DEL

      3.) ALT+TAB

      4.) Windows+M


      and any other keystrokes that could be employed to show the task bar or expose the "Kiosk" environment I am aiming for.


      Thanks in advance

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          Thank you for your post.


          Windows OS reserves certain keystrokes for its operating system, including Ctrl-Alt-Del.  Since FileMaker Pro is dependent on the operating system, you would have to control the OS keystrokes somehow in the OS.


          Does anybody know how to disable Ctrl-Alt-Del?  Or, any other Windows preset commands?



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            Thanks for the response.


            I guess what I could try is "TweakUI" from microsoft to disable certain key strokes. I could combine that with a FM database that would run in full screen "Kiosk" mode to cover the desktop and windows taskbar. 


            I will reveal my results when I Have had some time to test TweakUI out.


            Thanks again