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    disabling network broadcasting



      disabling network broadcasting


           I have a program for booking on a local area network using fmpro12 networking and the reponse time is unacceptably slow.

           the booking screen contains columns for teachers and times vertically along the side. I am using filtered portals for each cell of the screen 'grid' in a list layout.

           Whenever I do any operation like cancelling an appointment or marking it as showed... etc., the screen comes back with the new  state after a long time (6-8 seconds)

           I am using new window command during the processing and close window after I finish and the reason for this is that I want to keep the relative position of where I started from jumping around.

           I timed that operation and the processing is not so bad but after the processing is finished the new appoinment state shows up after a delay

           I tried many ways and cannot get it to speed up so now I am thinking, I do not really need filemaker to broadcast the change to every terminal, because this might be the cause of the delay... so can I disable this feature?

           Or does any body have a hint on what can I do?

           Just to give a prospective this is a conversion of a system running on Visual foxpro with a grid control for the booking screen and the same operations take one second or less on a network of 12 terminals.

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               I think the delay is due to having a list view layout with a great many filtered portals. If you can modify your design to eliminate the portal filters, the screen may update more quickly. In most cases, the "filter logic" used to control which records appear in a filtered portal can be replicated at the relationship level and this should speed up your screen refresh.

               Also be aware that relationships that use inequalities will result in slower updates and there may be ways to modify such relationships to eliminate them.

               Also, if you are using Refresh Window [Flush Cached Join Results] to update the screen. Remove this step. There are alternative methods for updating filtered portals after modifying a field referenced in the portal filters.

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                 Thank you for the hints. I will try to modify the design to avoid filterd portals.

                 Just for curiousity what the alternate methods to update filtered portals.. can you refer to some articles or tell me about it if it is short.

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                   Say you have this relationship:

                   LayoutTable::PrimaryKey = PortalTable::ForeignKey

                   You put a portal with this portal filter expression on your layout:

                   PortalTable::Category = "Apple"

                   You now have a portal that shows all related records, but only those where category = "apple".

                   Add a calculation field to LayoutTable, constApple that produces the text: "Apple"

                   To remove the portal filter, you can now use:

                   LayoutTable::PrimaryKey = PortalTable::ForeignKey AND
                   LayoutTable::constApple = PortalTable::Category

                   And the new field need not be a calculation field like it was in this example, it can be a normal data field that is assigned a value by a script.

                   The downside to this approach is that you may need to add a very large number of additional Tutorial: What are Table Occurrences? that refer to PortalTable to your relationship graph in order to replace the use of portal filters.

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                     If I understand you correctly this is what I will do

                     I have up to 13 columns in the booking screen

                     so I will create 13 additional calculation fields in the layout table and populate them using a script with the names of the teachers I need to display

                     then I will create 13 table occurances for the portals and relate each one to a calculation fields (in addition to the exxisting relation)

                     I hope this will result in a considerable time cut, I will let you know the outcome when I finish it.

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                       You might consider using 13 text fields instead of calculation fields for the teacher names. That will make it easier to change names when you experience a turnover in your teaching staff.

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                         I forgot to mention that once you have the portal filters gone, you can also completely remove the portals and just keep the fields--which should be respecified to refer to the newly added table occurrences.

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                           Ok thank you