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disabling network broadcasting

Question asked by med on Feb 14, 2013
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disabling network broadcasting


     I have a program for booking on a local area network using fmpro12 networking and the reponse time is unacceptably slow.

     the booking screen contains columns for teachers and times vertically along the side. I am using filtered portals for each cell of the screen 'grid' in a list layout.

     Whenever I do any operation like cancelling an appointment or marking it as showed... etc., the screen comes back with the new  state after a long time (6-8 seconds)

     I am using new window command during the processing and close window after I finish and the reason for this is that I want to keep the relative position of where I started from jumping around.

     I timed that operation and the processing is not so bad but after the processing is finished the new appoinment state shows up after a delay

     I tried many ways and cannot get it to speed up so now I am thinking, I do not really need filemaker to broadcast the change to every terminal, because this might be the cause of the delay... so can I disable this feature?

     Or does any body have a hint on what can I do?

     Just to give a prospective this is a conversion of a system running on Visual foxpro with a grid control for the booking screen and the same operations take one second or less on a network of 12 terminals.