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Disappearing Fields from a Report

Question asked by DavidSirola on Jan 30, 2012
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Disappearing Fields from a Report


In what will be a tedious new comer's question....(and hopefully an easy and obvious answer)

I am modifying a pre-existing template. I have a record/table with various fields. For example, it has an ID field, name, description and others. Using a pre configured button script, it opens a report listings window. This window report works fine listing all the entries, displaying a few select fields from the form, specifically ID, name and description 

If, I select another ID for an entry on this report/list, I lose the data in the name and description fields - fields goes blank. If I try to reset the ID to the orginal value, the fields still remain blank on the report. If I return to the orginal form, create a duplicate entry, then return to my report/list window, the duplicate's fields are blank as well, listing the correct ID but no values for name or description. If I delete one of the offending record, the missing fields persist in the report listing.

I suspect there's not enough information for any concrete help, but any insights would be very appreciated.