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    Disappearing Fields from a Report



      Disappearing Fields from a Report


      In what will be a tedious new comer's question....(and hopefully an easy and obvious answer)

      I am modifying a pre-existing template. I have a record/table with various fields. For example, it has an ID field, name, description and others. Using a pre configured button script, it opens a report listings window. This window report works fine listing all the entries, displaying a few select fields from the form, specifically ID, name and description 

      If, I select another ID for an entry on this report/list, I lose the data in the name and description fields - fields goes blank. If I try to reset the ID to the orginal value, the fields still remain blank on the report. If I return to the orginal form, create a duplicate entry, then return to my report/list window, the duplicate's fields are blank as well, listing the correct ID but no values for name or description. If I delete one of the offending record, the missing fields persist in the report listing.

      I suspect there's not enough information for any concrete help, but any insights would be very appreciated.


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          Yep. Not enough info. What template? How did you modify it? Is this report layout one you created or a layout that came with the template?

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            In the Field Definition for any of the disappearing fields, how are they specified?  As text?  Directly from a relationship?  By lookup?  By auto-entry?

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              Hey, thanks all for taking some time to consider my problem.

              It's a template called Museum Exhibit Planner - a smart little database with 5 tables for planning and assigning exhibit content. I've not done any modification to the heavy lifting part of it, just removing unneeded fields, adding a few simple fields to the tables, etc...  but I've left the basic structure intact, since I have very little idea of what I'm doing (obviously).

              Sorbsbuster, the disappearing fields are listed as :

              display data from - elements::nameEL (this a correct value)

              control style = edit box / auto complete using existing values is not checked.


              Again, thanks... perhaps it's time to find a freelancer to trouble shoot this

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                Museum Exhibit Planner isn't a template that comes with FileMaker so I don't have a copy to look at to see what the original state of the file was like.

                If you go to the layout where the fields disappeared and enter layout mode, do you see the missing fields then? (A field with no data or a conditional format might be invisible if it does not have a visible border)

                Also you indicate that "removed uneeded fields". Did you do this be deleting field from Manage | Database | Fields or by deleting fields from a layout? If you delete a field from Manage | Database, you delete the field from every location where it is found and this could be on layouts where you did not realize that the field shown was from the same table as where you deleted the field.

                Hopefully, you have a copy of the original template before you made changes. With it you can compare layouts and tables to see what is different and that might help you determine what you did.

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                  Thanks Phil

                  Done and it doesn't seem that I've caused the problem. I spoke with the author of the DB, and he thought the new numbering system I used for object ID's might be a problem. So I made a clean clone, went back and reconstructed a number of entries under the "correct" numbering system and the problem still persist.

                  What's wierd is that the field displays correctly on a number of forms, yet doesn't on a couple and the forms, references, etc all seem to be the same between working and not working. Obviously I'm above my head and suspect it's a problem in the scripts....??

                  Anyone know any good FM wizzards who work on a reasonable hourly to help me sort this out?

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                    Since you have contact with the author, that's your best bet here. We don't know enough about the design of the layouts to narrow down the list of possible causes to suggest something.

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                      Understood but the author hasn't touched it since 2008..... and doesn't really want to get into it. An exhibit designer such as myself and not his prime occupation.

                      It might be a useful tool if I can get it to work. Might you know where to look for an hourly consultant that might be able to help me sort this problem out?


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                        There's a consultants link at the top of this screen. If you'd like my services, click the many colored folder on the left and send me a private message and we can negotiate...

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                          I sent you a private message with my contact info. I would be interesting in finding some help and what it might take.