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      DISAPPEARING Files!!


      Working in FileMaker 10 Advanced in Windows Vista environment. (Vista certainly not my choice).
         I have two files, MAIN & CONTACTS, each with a handful of tables. The match field for these files is generally a unique, 8-digit all numerical, student ID.

      PROBLEM: Just lately (everything has worked fo years)....> When I open the CONTACTS file it appears on the screen for about 1.5 seconds then disappears! It does not matter if I have the MAIN already open or not. The window is not being automatically minimized into the task bar. [my first guess] If I choose Windows > Show File from the menu, the opening screen again shows for about 1.5 seconds and disappears!
        ANYONE have a clue to what is going on?????

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          Tests to rule out possible causes.


          Do you have a script that excutes when the file is opened and has it been modified recently?

          Does the same file open normally on a different machine?

          If you create a simple test file and open it, does it behave the same or open normally?


          Results from those tests may help you figure out whether this is a problem with the file, the computer or the specific installation of filemaker.