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    Disappearing Global Values



      Disappearing Global Values


      I am currently using FMP Pro 9 and have a problem with global variables.


      I consolidated some databases by merging them into tables on a single database.  There was a database that kept some global fields for the "answers" for a "test" database, which used those global "answers" for calculations.  The only way I am able to get the calculations to work properly is to define the fields as text because when they are defined as global, I did load the data into the global fields, they worked well, until I close the database, when I return the values are gone.


      Does anyone have any ideas and/or solutions I can use?


      Thanking you in advance,


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          Are you aware that a field can be global and text? Text is the data type and global is the storage option and these are two different settings you can select for a given field.


          Any chance your file is hosted over a network and you are accessing this from a client machine? Changes made to global fields from a client machine do not persist. Persistant changes to fields with this storage option must be made to the host computer.


          If the file is hosted by Filemaker Server, you will need to either take the file down off the server and open it with filemaker pro to make these changes or you can run a server side script that sets the global values.

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            Yes, that's correct, I do understand a field can be global and text, thank you...


            Yes, the file is hosted over the network but I also tested using a file local to my machine, running on a MAC OS 10.5.8.


            I will take the file down and make the changes, if that does work I will create and and run a server side script.


            Thank you again, will let you know if the problem is resolved.


            ekm12  :)