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    Disappearing Merge Field



      Disappearing Merge Field


      Hi There,

      Not sure what I have done and I can only replicate part of the problem all of the time.  Here is what I mean.

      I have tried to put a Merge Field in the "Layout"mode.  When I switch to Browse mode the field disappears.  

      I have related the two tables and I can even get the Merge Field to have all borders but it doesn't show the contents of the field.

      I have had this one time before but somehow when I switched to Table View and added something in one of the fields ( and I don't know what I added or which field) it then showed the contents.

      I have confirmed both tables have information in them and they are related and, I don't know if this matters but, I have clicked the browse and find fields for field entry.

      I have chosen black as the text and tried changing the background from transparent to white and back again. But still no luck.  

      I am using a Windows version 11.0v3 on a Windows 7 computer.   

      So I am not sure what I have done.  But any help would sure be appreciated.

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          OK, I think I partially understand this but could someone clarify this for me.

          I have three tables, the first is related to the second and the second is related to the third table.


          Table: Work_Loc, Fields: WorkID, WorkName, WorkAddr, etc.

          Table: Employee, Fields: EmplID, fk_WorkID, EmplFname, EmplLname, etc.

          Table:OrderEntry, Fields:OrderID, fk_EmplID, OrderNo, OrderDesc, etc

          On the Order Entry Form I wanted the WorkName of the Employee to show up and I created a Merge Field which contained WorkName.  But it will not show the Work Name field. It will show the borders around the box but not the actual text of the work location.

          Do I need to include the WorkID in the OrderEntry table to get this to work?  If that is so, isn't this going against some principle in relational database theory about being able to store information in one place and pull it out anywhere it is needed?

          Or do I need to do something else?

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            You need to check the values and field types (matching keys should have the same defined data types) to see where this breaks. What you describe should work provided there is a record in the 2nd table with values that correctly link a record in the first table to the current record in the third table as displayed on your layout.

            Try just placing this field on your layout as a regular field. Once you can get it to appear, you can change to merge format if you need to. (Unless you need to merge the field value into a block of layout text or text from other fields, you don't actually need a merge field here.)

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              Yes sir, that is exactly what the problem was.  I did not have one field filled out on the Order Form which would allow Filemaker to trace back to the "WorkLoc" table and therefore it didn't show.  As soon as I put in the information it popped up.

              Sigh!  You must hate answering all these "Newbie" questions.  But I really do thank you for all your help PhilModJunk.

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                Call me weird, by I actually enjoy answering the newbie questions and helping them figure out what's happening or not happening "under the hood". I also figure it frees up TSGal, TSBear and TSOz to tackle the tougher issues. Wink