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Disappearing Merge Field

Question asked by pademo57 on Mar 13, 2011
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Disappearing Merge Field


Hi There,

Not sure what I have done and I can only replicate part of the problem all of the time.  Here is what I mean.

I have tried to put a Merge Field in the "Layout"mode.  When I switch to Browse mode the field disappears.  

I have related the two tables and I can even get the Merge Field to have all borders but it doesn't show the contents of the field.

I have had this one time before but somehow when I switched to Table View and added something in one of the fields ( and I don't know what I added or which field) it then showed the contents.

I have confirmed both tables have information in them and they are related and, I don't know if this matters but, I have clicked the browse and find fields for field entry.

I have chosen black as the text and tried changing the background from transparent to white and back again. But still no luck.  

I am using a Windows version 11.0v3 on a Windows 7 computer.   

So I am not sure what I have done.  But any help would sure be appreciated.