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    Disappearing object in list view



      Disappearing object in list view


           I have created a list view layout with a sub-summary and body parts. For the backgrounds I have put rectangluar objects then locked them. When I go to Browse Mode the object in the body part doesn't appear properly. It extends to the left and right outer limits of the screen and changes colour for different records. Any thoughts?

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               It sounds like you have selected the right and bottom auto-resize anchors for those layout objects--probably what you mean by "locking" them. If your return their settings to just the left and top anchors, this size change will not happen.

               The color changes could be due to a number of different settings. Best guess is that you have the "Delineate" check box selected in Layout Setup for this layout.

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                 I already made sure the anchors were set right. I played around with it a bit, worked it out. The sizing changed because the part definition had alternate background fill checked so extended the fill out to the limits on alternate records. Also, colour change was due to the fact that the object wasn't fitting into the part properly (it was exending over the boundary so object didn't appear). Thanks anyway though! smiley

                 There is another thing though. In Browse Mode, the rectangular background object only appears if there is a record present. After the last record, it just shows the layout background colour down to the footer. Any ideas on that one?

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                   That is how FileMaker is designed to function in a list view. If there is no record, there is no body part for that non-existant record.

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                     I have to say I felt great headaches on the same situation with the list view component like this topic mentioned. Feel fortunate I can find some clues here.