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    Disappearing Portal Row



      Disappearing Portal Row


      This happens periodically and I can't figure out why.


      Here is the setup:


      2 tables:

         #1 Customers




          #2 Transactions





       There is a 1 to many relationship between these two tables (transactions is the many).


      On a layout based ono Customers there is a portal based on Transactions.


      In the transactions portal are fields relating to transactions.


      Here is the problem:  When I enter data into the portal rows and then click out, the row goes blank.

      The fields are stored in the proper Transacitons table but the portal won't show it.


      I have checked the portal.  I have checked Allow Creation of REcords on Transactions.   


      What is going on???







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          "Here is the problem:  When I enter data into the portal rows and then click out, the row goes blank."


          Wow, I swear this has been explained to you here http://forum-en.filemaker.com/fm/board/message?board.id=FM-en-4&message.id=15088#M15088 ...


          What field are you typing into in the transactions portal?  If you are typing the CustomerID, that is incorrect and Comment explained it.  Create a new table layout of transactions and look at the actual data.  Is the CustomerID showing in the transactions record?


          If your relationship is from Customers::CustomerID to Transactions::CustomerID and you have 'Allow Creation...' on for the Transactions table, then typing into ANY Transactions field in the portal will create a new Transactions record and automatically insert THAT CustomerID into it.  Does that Customer have a CustomerID?  Don't type the CustomerID in the portal - it shouldn't even be showing. :smileyhappy:


          If your record is disappearing, it means that the Transactions record is not inheriting the CustomerID or ... you are replacing the customerID so it no longer relates.  Also make sure that the CustomerID is the same data type in both tables.
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            Above is the simple relationship between customers and transactions.  "Allow creation of records...." for Transactions is turned 'on'.


            In the Transaction portal there are no ID fields of any type.  ...


            .... and yet, despite the portal delete all rows when I click out of it, the data is being entered in the transactions table?


            For me, the  previous issue you linked to was about understanding the problems caused by putting the .fk in the portal row.   This situation HAS NO .fk in the portal row and yet it still does not work.  As you can tell I am confused by the failure of this simple setup to work.  (Yes, I have deleted and recreated the portal.  I have deleted the portal fields and re-inserted them....)  I don't know what to try next?  My sense is that I am missing something pretty fundamental.


            Thanks for your comments.



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              Do you have any auto-enter options turned on for the CustomerID.fk field in the Transactions table? It seems very weird that the entries are names. Isn't your  CustomerID.pk field in Customers defined to auto-enter a serial number?

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                Right you are.  It is weird that the .fk fields was a name. 


                In my usual 'I wonder if I can..." mode, I converted the .fk to a lookup into names.

                When I removed the lookup, everything reverted to normal in the portal.


                It seems like a strange reaction on the part of FM to respond to such a blunder.  (Not strange for me to make such a mistake though... :smileysurprised: )


                Thanks for noticing it.  I've been pulling my hair out all day on this one....

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                  synergy46 wrote:
                  It seems like a strange reaction on the part of FM to respond to such a blunder.

                  Well, it assumes you know what you're doing. And the method can be useful in some situations, e.g. rapid entry into a one-row utility portal.

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                         This can occur if your relationships are right, but the field definitions are different - eg customer: CustomerID is TEXT and Transaction:CustomerID is a NUMBER. Hope this helps.