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    disappearing portal rows



      disappearing portal rows


      I have a Customer Information page that has a Tab Control with a portal in each Tab. See attached screenshot for visual. The records in the "Estimates" and "Work Orders" portal show up just fine. The problem I am having is that now, all of a sudden, The records in the "Contacts" and Files" portals have disappeared. I have a separate layout created to view those related records and I know they are there. I can add a record via the portal on the Customers layout, and as soon as the record is committed, it disappears from the portal. 


      What am I missing? Thanks


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          Which table or table occurrence is the portal set up to show related records from?  Does this relationship have 'Allow creation of records....." checked on the portal side?

          Are there any scripts or script triggers firing during this process?

          It appears maybe the foreign key in the relationship isn't being set, possibly creating orphan records.

           When you create a record in the portal, commit, and it disappears, if you go to the layout based on the portals table occurrence, is the record there?

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            Or possibly you have defined a portal filter that is omitting the new record once it has been created.

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              Im an idiot. Started going through everything and looking at your recommendations and realized I had set the corresponding tables fk to a number instead of text to match the pk field. 


              Thanks for the help.