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Disappearing records in FileMaker 6.04

Question asked by MikePR_1 on Mar 25, 2009
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Disappearing records in FileMaker 6.04




I have  a situation and I want to know if anyone had the same problem. In FileMaker 6.04 running in Mac OS and using FileMaker server 5.5v1, i'm serving several files but 3 of them are giving me some pain. I have a Customer Information FIle, related to Customer Cases by a serial number, and a Cases notes related to the Customer Cases by a different serial number. The three files have the "When deleting, delete related records" option checked in the relationship.


The problem is that sometimes in the middle file "Customer Cases", a record can "Disappear" without the Information file or the Notes file loosing a record. I know because I can see in the "Main layout" of the Notes file, orphan records with no information about the case and I can also see a record in the "Information File" without a case in the main portal.


Strange ah?


I checked all the files and rebuild them but still the problem persist every now and then.