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Disappearing Variable Data

Question asked by JPetersen on Sep 13, 2013
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Disappearing Variable Data


     Every time I try to do something dead simple with Filemaker Pro scripting, it doesn't work. What I can do in 10 minutes with any other language or scripting language always takes me an hour of futzing around in utter confusion in Filemaker. Please help. This is driving me crazy. I've tried it 10 different ways (using a variety of scripting workarounds) with no success and now I'm back to the original script.


Go to Layout [MyLayout info here]Show Custom Dialog [get the variable info here]Insert Calculated Result [Select; Table1::Number;$mynumber]


     All fine up to here. That's the whole script. Three lines. It goes to the layout. It asks for the variable. It inserts the variable.

     It works.


     Now... when I click anywhere on this table or any of the other tables, it doesn't matter where, the variable that just got inserted into my field disappears. Poof. Gone.


     If I add a Pause, the inserted variable is visible. Once I continue, it disappears. I don't need a Pause, I simply tried it to see what would happen.


     Could you please tell me 1. WHY it disappears and 2. How to get it to stay.


     Thank you.