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           I'm sorry, I dont see the value in this. I'm starting a business, not trying to learn how to make your software do something for me. If I'm missing something it's because you've not made it easy to what I'm needing. And I'm not interested in learning or creating. I need to get to work, not school. 

           Give me a template or something that would fit at least one aspect of a typical biz. Don't make me have to find a way to make it work. 

           Very disappointed. 

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               This is a database package and does what it is designed to do pretty well.  

               There are several starter solutions that comes with filemaker and there are several free templates avaliable on the internet. Try using bing or google filemaker starter solutions.  Any starter solution will need to be customised to your exact needs.

               There are several companies that designs application with filemaker.  

               Specialized software is very expensive which is a choice for people that don't want to design their own app.  

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                 You need either a pre made package. A software program that does what it has been made to do. But don't expect that to be molded to your exact needs. It will be a pretty general business program and you will have to make do with what the makers have come up with.

                 Or you use Filemaker, and you hire a middleman, a database designer that makes your database entirely according to your needs and desires.

                 But if you want to work with Filemaker you will have to have someone make your solution.

                 There are templates in the form of the starter solutions. You can get started with them in a matter of seconds. But they might not fit to your exact needs.

                 And that's the strength of Filemaker. You can change and edit everything. Make it your own.

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                   I had the same problem as you, Brannon.  I couldn't find a pre-done software package to DO what I wanted.  The closest software cost $10,000 plus an annual fee of $2,000.  I soon learned that a spreadsheet program was like a high powered Calculator, but a database program combined calculatons with Data access.

                   So I began Doing with a simple Contacts Template, and slowly expanded that Starter to develop the most accurate estimating program to build Custom Design Homes with an competive advantage Estimating Database.  I have the Number 1 business for customer satisfaction and lending institutions for always Bidding , spot on estimate, lower than my competition!!  You can't buy that!!!wink

                   Please note FileMAKER  is not my program, but an easy to use tool to make your business have competitve advantages by being Changeable.cool

                   BTW, after 19 years of Doing, i am still in school to learn more and more.

                   Good Luck!



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                     Some links with useful info and templates