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Disappointment-FM 12-Still Missing Right-Click to Exclude Data

Question asked by hsutton47 on Apr 25, 2012


Disappointment-FM 12-Still Missing Right-Click to Exclude Data


I am not a pro, and used to play in MS Access but moved over to Filemaker 10 Pro Advanced a few years ago and been working hard to comprehend all of its amazing capabilities.  One thing I sorely miss from Access is when you are browsing a set of records, right-clicking over a data field gave options to not only constrain data, but to exclude data.  The exclusion is one I used a lot, and noticed it was not available in Filemaker's right-click feaure.  You can Fiind Matching Records, Constrain Found Set or Extend Found Set.  I was SO hoping FM11 and now FM12 would add this very handy tool, but it is still not included.

I don't think I've ever read anyone asking about this, but maybe there is a trick I am missing.  For now I have to build a script with my search desires and also add an Omit criteria.  That's fine for planning ahead, but having that feature "on the fly" as can be done with the options just mentioned, would be fantastic.  I am wondering why FM had never addressed this possibility.