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    Disconecting alot!



      Disconecting alot!


      Hi there!

      My name Is Sham-Christian and i have just taken over the role of "IT Managment" as a side role as a telemarketingsaleman here in Spain.
      We currently use filemaker pro version:fmp_13.0.9.904

      Issue: We have around 20 computers for the telemarketing crew, and they all suddenly loose the connection to the filemaker, and looses the ability to make calls. The internet is "online" tho, and ive also checked that I can Ping the server and other computers in the network. Sometimes, 18 computers can be with NO contact to calls or filemaker, but 2 computers will work perfectly. This drives me INSANE!

      This has been done:

      To make sure the computers wasent filled to the brinck with viruses and other old stuff, i completly reinnstalled all the computers in the office. This helped for the generall speed of things, but not at all on the connectivaty.

      It can happen twice a day, or it will work perfectly for 3-4 days, and then it will suddenly happen again. This really destroys the "mood" in the sales office.

      Ive workd in IT support for 4 years, so ive got some experience, but nothing with Filemaker. Anybody out there that have had this sort of issue before?

      Please excuse meg crappy grammar, Im from Norway :P

      Best Regards


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          Are multiple users loosing connection all at once?

          And they can't place internet phone calls either? (this is not a FileMaker function)

          Loss of connection for multiple users all at the same time suggests problems with your network rather than Filemaker--though I'd check the event log in the server admin console to see what is shown there.

          FileMaker can disconnect users for two reasons: No interaction from the user over a specified time interval if the "disconnect on idle" option is specified in the user's privilege set.

          FileMaker will disconnect a user if it checks the client for connectivity and does not get a response back. (This happens in the background and the user doesn't see it happen until they get a disconnect error message on their screen.)

          Neither scenario fits getting entire groups of users disconnected at the same time.

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            Hi Phil!

            Yes, this happens to multiple users.
            This happend like 20 min ago:

            All sales agents are on the phone, and suddenly the connetion gets worse and worse untill we cannot make sense of what the customer is telling us. At this point about 12 computers were using the filemaker program, and only 1 sales agent was able to talk to customers.
            We do NOT get any warning, or error message. It almost seems like the program does not realize that it has NO connection to the clients. Ive just spoke to my boss, and ill be getting acess to the server/admin panel in about an hour, ill take some snapshots and try to give it to you! :)

            Thank you so much for the reply!

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              Ive got to confess that i have NO experience with this sort of application, and havent gotten my head around how this works. If somebody could give me some sorts of a "walkthru" on this, it would be deeply apreciated!

              About that internet calls are not a function:

              As of yet, ive understood that we use filemaker to keep a track of the customers, and as the database to store customer info. We use Callmaker(Swedish) to make the actuall connection, and x-lite to make the actuall call. Does this make sense to anyone? as previously stated, ive got no experience so if anyone could give me a hand, id be really happy :P

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                Just got back from my boss, it seems like we do not have any server/admin acess :S we only use the filemaker to add new lists of customers, and then callmaker runs the calls.

                So, were would be the logical place to look for the server/admin panel? I was not employed when this system was implemented, so i am on thin grounds here. If you have any questions, ill try to answer them as quickly as possible! :)

                Best regards


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                  But multiple disconnects all at once sounds like a problem with your network---not FileMaker.

                  This is assuming that you are getting the error dialog from FileMaker that you have been disconnected.

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                    Hi Phil,

                    Yes, i agree, but we do NOT get a error dialog, and we can surf the web with no problems at all :S

                    I dont really know where to start to search for the error, any suggestions on what I can do to be able to find the source of the problem?