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Discovery on writting letters

Question asked by brucewashington on Jan 6, 2010
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Discovery on writting letters


Hello all,


I just figured out something that might be of help to others.


I needed to have several merge fields within each paragraph and I figured out how to do. 


I put each piece of the paragraph into a field and then do a calculation field and it puts them all together. 


I, __name  , of the   organization   do have full knowledge about the documents sent on   date  , and can attest to these along with and here is the USPS registration No   number  , and am available at   310-234-2344   between       a.m. and      p.m. M-F.  Please call if you need further confirmation.


It works wonderful for now.  If there are any better ways, I would enjoy hearing them.


Thanks for all you help on my things.